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So, your Volkswagen won't start when you turn the key. Now what? Well, if you have a dead battery, a jump start and a quick trip to our service department for a charge will have your car back to its old self again. Or, if the battery has died and can no longer hold a strong charge, we'll just replace the battery.

But what if your battery is still good? It's likely to be an issue with your starter. The battery gives the starter enough power to turn the engine's flywheel, allowing the engine to "turn over" and start running on its own power. If the starter is faulty, your Volkswagen is going nowhere fast. And since it has to be physically connected to the engine's flywheel, buried deep in the heart of the engine, the starter can be difficult for amateurs to access and replace.

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Let the VW experts at Carter Volkswagen replace your starter! This is a common service we perform all the time in our service center, and we stock quality, long-lasting OEM starters that'll fit perfectly on your car.

How do I Know I Have a Bad Starter?

When you turn the key and the engine won't start, give a close listen. If you hear a click, but the engine doesn't turn over, the starter may just not be getting enough charge from the battery. A jump-start should get you going so you can get to our service center for a replacement.

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However, if you can verify that your battery is good, but the engine won't turn over and you hear a click when you turn the key, a bad starter is a likely culprit.

If you turn the key and hear absolutely nothing? If it's not a dead battery or faulty starter, it could be a bad starter solenoid, a bad relay or blown fuse — just to name a few possible problems. A car is a complex machine that can have trouble starting for a host of reasons. But, the most common by far are a dead battery and a worn-out starter motor.

But no matter what is preventing your Volkswagen from starting up, if you need a knowledgeable expert to help you diagnose it, you'll find none better in the Seattle area than those in our very own service department at Carter Volkswagen.

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How to Book a Service Appointment at Carter Volkswagen

You can schedule your service appointment right here on our website. Or, if you have questions before you arrive, give us a call at the phone number on the bottom of this page. We look forward to meeting you! If time is of the essence, feel free to stop in today without an appointment. Walk-ins are always welcome at our service center, conveniently located at 5202 Leary Avenue Northwest, Seattle, WA 98107.

The Carter Advantage Sets us Apart from the Rest

With hassle-free loaner cars, free vehicle inspections, regular shuttle service, complimentary Wi-Fi and courtesy settings personalization, you'll get more during every maintenance visit at Carter Volkswagen. We call it the Carter Advantage. It's our dedication to earning your business through friendly, knowledgeable service and a comfortable, connected waiting area. Best of all, you can rest easy knowing your Volkswagen is being cared for by the experts. It's why we think the Carter VW service department is an even better value than neighborhood mechanics and national service chains.

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