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We don't have to tell you that a broken speedometer is a big problem when you're trying to drive safely and within the legal speed limits. If your speedometer isn't working, you'll need an expert to take a close look at the system to find the problem. What's more, your speedometer could become inaccurate if you install new wheels or tires -- and an inaccurate speedometer is no excuse if you get pulled over for speeding. Visit Carter VW for a quality fix if you need one.

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Why isn't My Speedometer Working?

On older cars, a physical cable relayed speed information from the transmission to the gauge cluster -- and if that cable was severed or disconnected, the speedometer will stay at zero.

However, this problem can occur for a variety of reasons on a new car, too. If the needle stays at zero and the check engine light also comes on, it's likely that the car's speed sensor has become damaged. Without a working speed sensor, the engine can run poorly and systems like traction control, ABS and even the transmission can malfunction, so be sure to have this problem investigated right away.

Furthermore, since the speedometer calculates your speed based on the diameter and size of your wheels and tires, installing aftermarket rims or big, knobby tires can cause your speedometer to read inaccurately. You'll want to have it professionally re-calibrated by one of our service techs. Not sure if your speedo is accurate or not? Special apps on your phone can use GPS data to determine your forward speed. Go for a drive and see if the app agrees with the speedometer in the dashboard. If they don't, visit Carter VW for calibration service.

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Setting an appointment for your car to get the maintenance or repairs it needs is easy at Carter VW! Just use our online scheduling form. You can select an available time slot that works for your schedule. Or, just give our service department a call at the number on the bottom of this page. You'll be able to speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable service advisors about your questions or concerns.

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It's sophisticated German engineering that sets a Volkswagen apart from lesser cars on the road, and it's our expert technicians at the Carter VW service department that know German engineering best in the Seattle area. When you're looking for the best customer service with clean and comfortable facilities while your vehicles gets the highest quality service, turn to Carter Volkswagen. Our team uses only factory-approved parts designed with your car in mind. The mechanics at your neighborhood garage or the local quick-lube chain can't say that; only the factory-trained experts in our VW-authorized service center. If we didn't answer all your questions on this page, give us a call! We'd be glad to help.

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