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Power Steering Repair: Get a New Power Steering Pump Installed at Carter Volkswagen in Seattle

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Modern cars are heavier and stronger than ever, and that means controlling them without the help of power steering systems would be next to impossible. That's why today's vehicles feature hydraulic (and, increasingly, electric) power steering systems. These systems amplify the force generated when you turn the wheel -- so the steering wheel feels light and responsive, while the power steering system does the work to actually turn the front wheels.

When this system develops a problem in your car, steering can become extremely difficult, especially at very low speeds. One possible reason is a bad power steering pump. Stop by the Carter Volkswagen service center to have your power steering system looked at closely, diagnosed quickly and repaired correctly.

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What Else Could Be Wrong with My Power Steering System?

Hydraulic power steering systems operate with the use of power steering fluid, which means a leaking power steering pump, hose or fitting can cause the system to stop working as fluid leaks out. What's more, the internal valves inside the power steering rack itself can become clogged and corroded. If that happens, you might find your car is easy to turn in one direction, but extremely difficult to turn in the other.

If it's not a problem with the steering rack itself or a fluid leak, you'll probably need a new power steering pump. The pulley on the power steering pump can become damaged, preventing it from working, or it can simply wear out internally over time.

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How Often Do I Need To Replace the Power Steering Pump and Fluid?

On modern vehicles, the power steering pump and fluid shouldn't need any service for the first 100,000 miles or more. However, to prevent the buildup of grime, rust and corrosion inside the steering rack, getting the power steering system flushed and filled with fresh fluid isn't a bad idea. If you're unsure, talk with one of our helpful service advisors. If your car's steering has felt unusually sluggish or heavy, you might simply need to have the power steering fluid changed.

Do I Need an Appointment for Service at Carter Volkswagen?

We strive to make it easy to fit the service your car needs into your busy schedule. If you need routine maintenance, like an oil change, tire rotation or battery replacement, VW Service Xpress means you can stop by without an appointment! We'll perform all maintenance basics quickly, so you can move on with your day. Need a more extensive repair? Schedule your appointment in advance using our convenient scheduler, and pick a day and time that works best for you!

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