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If you've noticed puddles appearing in your driveway beneath where you park your car, you might be dealing with a leaking engine. But don't assume it's oil! There are a whole lot of other fluids that make your car run. From the coolant to the brake fluid to power steering fluid and even windshield washer fluid, any of them could be leaking from your car. Regardless of which fluid is leaking, you'll want to get it fixed. We'll tell you a little bit more below about which fluids can start leaking from your car, and how you'll be able to tell.

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What Fluids Could Be Leaking from My Car?

Even a small oil leak can leave massive puddles under your car, as oil spreads out rapidly. A dark grey or black stain on the ground is likely to be oil. On the other hand, coolant is usually reddish-orange or bright green. If you notice an orange or green fluid dripping from your car, you might have a coolant leak. These are some of the most common leaks your car may develop. Be sure to keep an eye on your car for leaks periodically, and bring your car to the Carter Volkswagen service center to get them fixed.

How Soon Do I Need a Fluid Leak Repaired?

Believe it or not, a small oil leak may not need to be immediately repaired. Especially on older cars with many thousands of miles, burning or leaking a small amount of oil is common. Other fluids that leak, like the coolant and brake fluid, can make it unsafe to operate the car. If the brake fluid is leaking, we recommend having the vehicle towed to our service center, since the car's stopping ability may be compromised. And with a coolant leak, take care that the engine doesn't overheat. If it does, you'll need to turn the car off and have it towed in.

If you've identified a fluid leak coming from your car, but you're not sure which fluid it is, stop by our service center. We can identify the leak, find it and stop it.

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Do I Need an Appointment for Service at Carter Volkswagen?

We strive to make it easy to fit the service your car needs into your busy schedule. If you need routine maintenance, like an oil change, tire rotation or battery replacement, VW Service Xpress means you can stop by without an appointment! We'll perform all maintenance basics quickly, so you can move on with your day. Need a more extensive repair? Schedule your appointment in advance using our convenient scheduler, and pick a day and time that works best for you!

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