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If you've noticed that your headlights aren't illuminating the road in front of you the way that they should, chances are your Volkswagen needs headlamp lens polishing and restoration.

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Over time, the headlight lenses that cover the bulbs will get scuffed and cloudy. The scuffs come from handling all kinds of road debris, while the cloudiness or haze often comes from the kind of plastic used. Polycarbonate is generally the plastic of choice for headlight lenses; it's coated with a UV protective film to prevent it from becoming cloudy. However, this film can wear down over time.

When this happens and your lenses become scuffed and cloudy, it becomes harder to see. You may not notice it at first, but the decreased visibility makes driving more dangerous at night and in cloudy or foggy weather.

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How Is This Service Performed?

When our technicians perform this service, they'll start by taping around the headlights so that the paint won't accidentally get scuffed. They'll sand the lenses, using finer sandpaper until the lenses are no longer cloudy. After that, they'll use special compounds to polish the headlights, followed by wax. They'll then apply new UV sealant to the lenses so that they won't start to cloud for quite some time afterwards.

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