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As you probably already know, it's the engine that gives your Volkswagen the vroom-vroom — but there's more to your car than just forward motion. You've also got a radio to listen to, air conditioning to keep you comfy, lights, windshield wipers, power windows and so much more. What makes them go? The battery? The engine? Dark magicks? Actually, none of the above. At least not exactly. On most modern Volkswagen vehicles, these accessories recieve engine power via drive belts. Eventually, these belts will wear out and you'll need new ones to replace them.

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As the engine spins, most of its power is, naturally, delivered to the wheels. But drive belts allow the engine to divert a bit of its power to accessories like the radiator fan, power steering pump, alternator, A/C compressor and more. While many of these accessories are now electrically powered on modern cars, it's a good idea to know which accessories in your car are belt-driven. If they stop working suddenly, a failed drive belt is a likely culprit.

In fact, many modern Volkswagen cars are equipped with a single serpentine belt, which winds its way around the engine and powers all of your accessories. That means they'll all stop working if this belt fails — so be sure to keep an eye on it with the help of factory-trained expert technicians.

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How do my Drive Belts Break Down?

To allow for a little bit of motion and flex as your car travels over various bumps and humps in the road, drive belts are made from reinforced rubber compounds. Over time, rubber will stretch and crack and the belt will eventually snap. Any accessories that belt is connected to will suddenly stop working.

This process can be accelerated by fluid leaks, too. Oil, coolant or other chemicals under the hood could leak and collect on the belt. This rapidly accelerates how quickly your belt will break down. If one of your drive belts has become "glazed" in engine oil, you may want to replace it soon (and have the leak patched up, too).

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How Long will my Drive Belts Last?

A drive belt in a Volkswagen built in the past decade or so could last 100,000 miles or more! Since it can be hard to tell just how much life is left in a drive belt, we recommend simply getting regular oil changes and inspections at your local VW dealership. There, factory-trained dealership technicians will keep a close eye on the drive belt(s) and all your vehicle's wearable components. If any of them are about to go bad, you'll be alerted. And at Carter VW, you can be confident we'll use high-quality OEM parts direct from Germany for a long lasting replacement.

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