Volkswagen Clutch Cable Replacement Service Information in Seattle, WA

Volkswagen Clutch Cable Replacement Service Info From Carter Volkswagen in Ballard

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If your Volkswagen is equipped with a cable-operated clutch, knowing the status of that cable is extremely beneficial. The pros at Carter Volkswagen in Ballard can inspect your clutch cable and give you a rundown of its condition. It pays to know if your clutch cable is merely short on lubricant or if it requires replacement, something only a factory trained VW technician can tell you.

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Why Would I Need to Have My Clutch Cable Replaced?

An old, worn or frayed clutch cable is dangerous, it's as simple as that. If your clutch cable fails, you won't be going anywhere in your VW until it's replaced. If you've recently experienced trouble engaging your clutch or if your clutch pedal is stiff and hard to move, it's likely time for clutch cable replacement.

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When Should I Expect to Have My Clutch Cable Replaced?

If an inspection reveals that it's time to have your clutch cable replaced, you should have this service performed as soon as possible. A Clutch cable may last in excess of 100,000 miles or require replacement as early as 30,000 miles. Any of our knowledgeable technicians can give you the factory recommendations for this service and also give you more specific advice following an inspection of your clutch cable.

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At Carter Volkswagen in Ballard, we feature convenient hours, a comfortable waiting area and easy online appointment scheduling. We're located at 5202 Leary Avenue Northwest, Seattle, WA 98107, Not too far from Redmond and worth the trip from Puyallup.

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At Carter Volkswagen in Ballard, helping you take the best possible care of your VW vehicle is what we do. Not only is our state-of-the-art service facility equipped to handle the unique service needs of Volkswagen models, our technicians are factory trained and know your vehicle best. Check out our frequently updated special offers to see how much you can save and remember to take advantage of Service Xpress for no-appointment-necessary routine maintenance. We look forward to serving you at Carter Volkswagen in Ballard!

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