5 Reasons to Buy and Install Genuine Volkswagen Accessories at Carter VW in Seattle

Things to Know About VW Accessories - Service Information at Carter Volkswagen In Ballard

From roof rails and ski/snowboard carriers to mudflaps and floor mats, aftermarket accessories can add durability, functionality and style to your car. When you're looking for accessories for your Volkswagen, choosing genuine Volkswagen accessories has many advantages! We'll tell you about five of them right here.

Looking for cute Volkswagen Beetle accessories? Sporty Golf GTI accessories? Cargo management tools for the Volkswagen Atlas? We've got all these and more at our dealership. You can even browse our entire accessories catalog from the comfort of your computer chair. Read on to learn why genuine VW accessories are the best choice for your car.

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5. VW Accessories Come With a Manufacturer Warranty

All genuine Volkswagen accessories come with their very own 12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty. That means, when you have them installed by Volkswagen dealer professionals, you can be sure that any defective accessories will be replaced at no hassle to you. What's more, Volkswagen-approved accessories from trusted brands like THULE®, WeatherTech® and Phillips come with warranties of their own. When you get your accessories at Carter Volkswagen with installation by our techs, you can rest assured that your new accessory is protected.

4. VW Accessories are Covered by the People First Warranty

Looking for accessories you can add to a brand-new Volkswagen? When you have parts and accessories installed at the dealership, they're not only covered by their own warranty, they're also covered by your new car warranty, too! So, if you've recently purchased a new VW or you're considering one, know that any accessories you have installed will also be covered by the warranty. And since the Volkswagen 6-year/72,000-mile bumper-to-bumper People First Warranty is longer than what you get from most brands, there's just no better way to protect the accessories you need.

3. Genuine VW Accessories will Fit Properly

Now, there are aftermarket accessories made by non-approved third parties, but we generally won't install such parts at Carter Volkswagen. That's because they may not fit properly, and may not be built to the exacting quality standards you've come to expect from Volkswagen. For example, consider the generic floor mats you can find at the auto parts store. They're cheap, but they won't fit precisely in your car, meaning they won't protect the carpeting as well and could slide around in the footwell. When you choose Volkswagen-approved accessories at Carter VW, you'll be choosing from accessories designed and tested with your car in mind.

2. Online Ordering is Easy Through the VW Accessories Catalog

You don't have to visit our showroom to browse all the VW-approved accessories available for your model. You can browse all the parts and accessories we offer at Carter VW right here on our site. See what's available for your car, or give us a call if you have any questions about ordering accessories.

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1. Installation is Easy at Carter Volkswagen

Remember that warranty we told you about? It's important to remember that how the VW accessory is installed matters here. If you have a non-authorized shop install your accessories or put the part on in your driveway and something goes wrong, the warranty could be voided. Even if whatever went wrong was no fault of yours, because our authorized service center can't confirm that the part was installed by a certified technician, it may not be possible to cover the accessory under warranty.

Carter Volkswagen is an authorized VW service provider and our technicians are specially trained by Volkswagen to be experts in all things German engineering. When you trust VW-approved dealership pros to install your accessories, the warranty covers everything including problems due to incorrect installation. We stand behind our work, and if our work isn't up to snuff, we'll make it right.

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