Why Won't My Vehicle's Vents Blow Any Air?
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Why Is My Car Not Blowing Any Air from the Vents? | Carter VW Automotive FAQs, Answered

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Your car is supposed to be a comfortable refuge from the elements as you drive along. The climate control system is a key part of that, keeping you cool on hot summer days and warming you up on chilly winter evenings -- but if neither the heat nor the A/C are working in your car, that tells us you've probably got a problem with your vehicle's blower fan.

A problem with the A/C system would generally cause the car to blow warm air with the A/C on; and with a problem with the heater, you'd get the inverse, cold air blowing at you when you turn the heater on.

But if the system simply won't blow air through the vents at all, it points us to a probable issue with the blower motor. There are three possible components that might go bad and cause this issue. We'll explain them below so you know what to expect when you visit our service department.

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Car AC Not Blowing Cold Air: A Bad Fuse

The first thing to check with any issue related to the car's climate control or electronics is the fuse box. If there was a short or a surge in the system, the fuse might blow to protect the delicate electronic components from damage -- but in so doing will render the system inoperable until the fuse is replaced.

You'll want to check the owner's manual for a fuse box diagram, or check for one on the underside of the fuse box cover. Find the fuse associated with the A/C blower motor. If the blower motor fuse is still in-tact, your problem is located elsewhere. If the fuse is blown, simply replacing the fuse with an identical fuse of the same amperage rating could get your system working again!

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Car Heater Not Blowing Hot Air: A Bad Blower Fan Motor

The blower fan located behind the dashboard pushes air through the climate control vents. If the heater isn't blowing hot air at you when you turn the system on, the blower fan might have a problem. Either it's not getting electrical power or, more likely, the motor itself has simply burned out. A blower motor in an older vehicle is likely to burn out over time, and may need replacement.

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Limited Air from Climate Vents: A Bad Blower Fan Resistor Assembly

If the fan motor is still working, but just not operating as it should, you may need to replace the blower fan resistor assembly.

The blower fan resistor is a simple electronic circuit that changes the resistance of the current sent to the blower motor, and enables multiple fan speeds. If you find the blower fan works, but only at a single speed setting, the blower motor resistor has probably gone bad. Replacing it will give your system the full range of speed controls once again!

And remember: If you need an expert to handle the work for you, visit the Carter Volkswagen service center. Our factory-trained technicians can handle any repair, including repairs to your vehicle's climate control system and blower motor. We'll do the work right the first time.

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