What is a tune up for my vehicle?
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What is a Tune Up for Your Volkswagen? | Answers to Frequently Asked VW Service Questions

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In modern German engineered Volkswagen models, you really don't have to worry about a tune up the way we used to think of them. They don't have distributors, so you don't have to worry about replacing the cap and rotor. The carburetor is a thing of the past, so you won't need to bother with adjusting the idle, and that's just the beginning. Since so many of the replaceable automotive parts of previous generations have been replaced with permanent parts, you really just need to keep up with the manufacturer recommended maintenance.

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What Else Should You Know About Keeping Your Volkswagen Well Maintained?

The German engineering behind every Volkswagen model is renowned around the world, and the regularly scheduled service is typically all that's required. However, close inspections by factory-trained technicians are an important part of the suggested services. The technicians in your local authorized dealer have been extensively trained to know every inch of your VW, and they'll be able to spot minor things that could become serious down the road. Things like suspension bushings, belts, hoses, and electrical connections all experience wear and will eventually need to be replaced.

The demands of the road take a toll on every vehicle. While modern engineering has come a long way, not everything on your vehicle will last forever. Instead of a set list of parts that should be replaced once a year or so, keeping your modern vehicle tuned up means keeping an eye on the remaining wearable parts and getting them replaced before they fail and cause more serious problems.

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Ultimately, today's advanced engineering means that your vehicle is operated by a sophisticated computer that gathers information from a variety of sensors. This control unit takes that information to determine things like how much fuel and air to let into the cylinders, exactly when the spark is to be fired, and much more. This means that you should only need to worry about basic maintenance as laid out by your owner's manual or a service advisor at your local authorized dealership.

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