Why is my Car Overheating after Head Gasket Replacement Service FAQ in Seattle, WA
Volkswagen overheating after a head gasket replacement

Auto Care FAQs by Carter Volkswagen: I Just Had the Head Gasket Replaced — Why is my Engine Overheating Again?

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Head gasket repair is a costly, labor-intensive repair of your engine's most critical seals deep in the heart of the engine. If your car had its head gasket replaced, it's important to make sure this procedure was done right. If it wasn't, you might experience the very same problems you had before.

Whenever a head gasket is replaced, other items should be inspected and replaced as necessary. What's more, the cylinder head itself must be inspected to ensure it's still in good shape and must be properly torqued when re-installed onto the block with the new gasket in between. If any of these important steps are missed by a sloppy, cut-rate mechanic, you might find yourself back to square one much sooner than you hoped! We'll suggest what to do next if your head gasket repair didn't go as planned.

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Head Gasket Replaced at Carter Volkswagen

Did you have your head gasket replaced in our very own service center, and your car is still overheating? Give us a call and let us know — because we need to make it right. Chances are, we simply missed another, less severe problem in the coolant system. It should've been thoroughly checked, but an old thermostat or water pump might not be sufficient to keep your car cool. We can replace those parts and have you back on the road once again.

Head Gasket Replaced Somewhere Else

If you had the head gasket replaced at a local garage or franchise auto service establishment, and you're not satisfied with the results, be sure to visit Carter Volkswagen. Our factory-trained service professionals know your Volkswagen better than anybody! We'd be happy to take a closer look.

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Often when a head gasket is in need of replacement, damage was also sustained by the cylinder head. In some cases, the old cylinder head could be used — but lesser auto shops might not even check the head. If the head was damaged, it'll usually need to be sent out to a specialty shop to restore the head to a perfectly flat shape. Otherwise, it won't seal the head gasket properly.

Additionally, Volkswagen cylinder heads need to be torqued in the correct sequence to exact specifications, rather than bolted on willy-nilly. If the head wasn't properly installed, your new head gasket is useless.

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Finally, as part of head gasket service at Carter Volkswagen, we'll inspect all the other elements of your cooling system, and recommend service to fix anything else we find. If the other auto repair shop didn't look at the rest of the coolant system, you might just need a simple fix like a coolant flush and fill, a new water pump or perhaps they just forgot to plug the radiator fan back in. No matter what they did wrong, we'll make it right in our service center at Carter VW — and earn your return business while we're at it!

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