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Volkswagen Belts and Hoses Service FAQ

Why Do I Need to Have My Vehicle’s Belts and Hoses Replaced?

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The belts and hoses in the engine of your Volkswagen perform numerous important tasks. These hoses are generally made from tough rubber that makes them durable while still allowing them to flex and bend as necessary so that they don’t break. However, rubber does break down over time, especially when it’s exposed to the intense conditions you’ll find in an internal combustion engine. However, it’s best not to let things get to the breaking point; instead, have your VW vehicle’s belts and hoses replaced at the recommended intervals.

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When Should I Have the Belts and Hoses in My Volkswagen Replaced?

There are several belts and hoses in your VW, from coolant hoses to the serpentine belt. The manual that came with your Volkswagen will have a schedule that tells you how often you should have the various belts and hoses replaced. Plenty of testing has been done to see how long the rubber lasts, so it’s a good idea to follow these recommendations. However, even this schedule is more of a guideline: extreme conditions and different driving styles might make it necessary to change the belts and hoses sooner. Talking to a VW certified technician is a good way to set up your own schedule.

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