What should I know about replacing a burned-out fuse?
VW Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Know About Replacing a Burned-Out Fuse

Answer To VW Frequently Asked Questions

If your vehicle has a blown fuse, you can try to replace it on your own and see if that solves the problem--but it's probably best to take it to a certified Volkswagen service center. After all, automotive electrical work is tricky, and these technicians have been specially trained on what makes your VW tick.

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What Are Some Symptoms of a Burned Out Fuse?

Often, the only symptom of a blown fuse will be a small electrical problem in your Volkswagen. Maybe one of the interior lights won't turn on, or the radio won't work. These are relatively minor problems, of course--but a blown fuse could also make it so your car won't start.

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What Causes a Fuse to Burn Out?

There's no one cause of a burned out fuse. Sometimes the reason is simple: the fuse might be old and worn out, or you may have used too many accessories at once and overloaded the system. However, a blown fuse can also be a symptom of a bigger problem that will need to be diagnosed by a professional.

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When Can I Replace a Fuse On My Own? When Should I Take My Vehicle to a Service Center?

If only one fuse has blown, you can try to replace it. However, be warned that using a fuse with a higher amperage could make it burn out again. If the new fuse doesn't blow again, your problem might be solved (though it would still be a good idea to have the electrical system inspected at your next service). However, if multiple fuses blow, or if the replacement fuse doesn't last, then bringing your vehicle in for service is best.

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