Why is wheel alignment important, and how do I know if the wheels are out of alignment?
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Why is Wheel Alignment Important? How Do I Know if My Volkswagen Needs an Alignment?

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It's hard to overstate the importance of wheels--and wheels that are improperly aligned will make driving more difficult and dangerous. There are ways that you can tell if your vehicle's alignment is off, but it's best to have your vehicle's alignment regularly inspected so you can catch the problem early.

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What Are the Dangers of an Improperly Aligned Vehicle?

If your vehicle isn't properly aligned, your drive will be more tiring. This is because you'll have to constantly make small corrections to keep your vehicle on the road. Of course, there are problems other than fatigue that will show up. Your tires will wear down unevenly, making it necessary for you to change them more frequently. It can even put you in danger: a momentary lapse of concentration could send your vehicle drifting off the road or into the wrong lane.

What Causes Misalignment?

There are many things that can throw the alignment on your Volkswagen off. Hitting big obstacles like rocks or potholes can have this effect, but often times it can be more subtle. The act of driving itself can, over time, have a deleterious effect on the alignment of your vehicle.

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How Do I Know If My Vehicle Needs Alignment

There is an old test that can help you figure out if your vehicle is badly misaligned. Find an empty, flat, straight place to drive, such as an empty parking lot. Begin driving slowly, and remove your hands from the steering wheel. If your vehicle starts to pull to one side or the other, it's noticeably misaligned.

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However, this test is not always completely accurate. It can tell you when your car is seriously misaligned, but you might miss smaller misalignments. However, even these can cause problems. The best way to make sure your vehicle is properly aligned is to bring it to a Volkswagen service center for an alignment check.

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