Why does my brake pedal vibrate when slowing down?
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Why Does the Brake Pedal in My Volkswagen Vibrate When I Slow Down?

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There are many reasons why the brake pedal vibrates when you apply the brakes in your Volkswagen--and all of them require attention. The best place for this is, of course, a certified Volkswagen service center, where technicians are trained specifically to work on VW models.

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What Are Possible Causes of Brake Pedal Vibration?

Vibration could be caused by an issue with the brake pads. They might be contaminated, warped, or damaged. Fortunately, brake pad replacement is a relatively quick and inexpensive service.

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The rotors are another possible cause. Much like the brake pads, excessive wear or warping of the rotors can cause vibrations. If the rotors are the cause of the problem, replacing them will get rid of the issue.

Improper alignment can also lead to vibration when you're slowing down. This is just one of the many problems that a misaligned vehicle can cause: unevenly worn tires, decreased fuel economy, and a more difficult, dangerous drive can also result from this problem. Bringing your VW in for an alignment is a good way to fix a number of symptoms.

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There are many other possible causes of vibration when you brake, including worn out suspension components. But there's one common theme: no matter what is causing your vehicle to vibrate when you brake, it's not good. Bringing it to a certified service center is the best way to make sure you stay safe when you drive.

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