How can I make sure my car’s battery has a good electrical connection?
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How Do You Know if Your Vehicle's Battery is Connected Properly?

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First, locate and identify the battery. Chances are that it's under the hood, but that's not always the case. The battery for the Volkswagen Touareg is under the driver's seat in such a way that you're probably better off letting a trained expert take care of it – even if you are used to replacing your own car batteries.

Once you've laid eyes on the battery and the two large wires connected to it, is there any chalky buildup around it? If so, you can clean it up with something like baking soda, water, and a wire brush, but be careful to protect your hands and clothing since you are dealing with a corrosive material. To see if the wires are well connected, carefully wiggle each wire without touching anything but the insulated part of the wire. Also, check to ensure the battery is secure to the vehicle.

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What Can You Do if Car Battery Connections Aren't Secure?

This is where things can get tricky. In rare cases, the battery posts may be loose. If so, you'll want to have the experts take care of it, or at least be extremely careful not to get battery acid all over yourself and the vehicle. If you're comfortable with moderate to difficult automotive projects, the best way to address overly corroded battery cables is to replace them entirely and determine what caused the corrosion. However, there are other options.

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Occasionally, a loose battery connection can be solved by simply tightening the bolt that clamps the battery wire to the battery post. About the only time this works is when the battery cable wasn't tightened to the post when installed, and that's rare. To avoid replacing the whole cable, replacement battery cable ends are available, but they're not always reliable. Ultimately, the final word in any service or repair of the German engineering in a Volkswagen comes from the factory trained technicians in an authorized Volkswagen service center.

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