2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI vs 2017 Ford Focus ST

Are you looking for a real hot hatch? You want something with power under the hood, convenience in the back, and a stylish look on the outside. Let’s take a look at two of the latest hatchbacks with our 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI vs 2017 Ford Focus ST comparison.

Just looking at the two of them side-by-side some stark differences are immediately apparent. The Golf GTI looks stylish, futuristic, fast, and refined whereas the Focus ST with its big guppy mouth and ridiculous headlights looks like an angry fish out of water. Not only does the Golf GTI look more stylish, but despite its small stature, it has more room for both passengers and cargo. The Focus ST can only boast of 91 cubic-feet of passenger room and 44.8 cubic-feet of maximum cargo room whereas the Golf GTI has an impressive 93 cubic-feet of passenger room and 52.7 cubic feet of cargo room.

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2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI


2017 Ford Focus ST

24 City / 34 Highway Fuel Efficiency 22 City / 30 Highway
9 Speaker Fender Available Sound System 6 Speaker
Heated Clark Plaid Standard Seats Cloth
Standard Adaptive Cruise Control Available

How does the VW Golf GTI compare to the Focus ST?

Let’s start by talking about efficiency, something you may not always consider when looking at hot hatches. The Golf GTI proves to have better fuel economy both in the city and out on the highway. If you were worried that they skimped on the engine to achieve these figures, then you shouldn’t be, because under the hood the Golf GTI can be equipped with a 220 horsepower engine, but even the base model still comes with a 210 horsepower behemoth.

Next we turn to the interior, something we already touched on when it comes to room, but let’s look at convenience and comfort. For starters, the Focus ST, which only has one trim level, comes with relatively plain cloth seats standard, on top of that they don’t have standard heat. The Golf GTI on the other hand, does have heat to keep you warm when the winter has you cold, and though the base model comes with cloth standard, it’s not just any cloth but stylish Clark Plaid.

Speaking of the interior, how about the sound system? On the top end, the Focus ST gets a 6-speaker sound system that carries no brand name. The Golf GTI takes a very different approach and gives you high quality sound out of 9 speakers through a Fender sound system. On top of that, even if you get the base model Golf GTI, you still get an 8 speaker sound system that will out power the sound of the Focus ST.

Do you want to talk about technology? Of course you do. The Golf GTI has all the available technology that you could ever dream of including an incredibly advanced adaptive cruise control, a feature that isn’t even available on the Focus ST.

To see the rest of the available technology on the Golf GTI, come down to Carter Volkswagen and see everything that we have to offer right here in Seattle. We know that you will not be disappointed.

2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI clark plaid heated seats
2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI gauge cluster
2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI push button start
2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI hands on the wheel and ready to go

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