Volkswagen Jetta Rear Door Deflector Accessories Information in Seattle, WA

Block Out Wind Noise with a Volkswagen Jetta Rear Door Deflector from Carter Volkswagen in Ballard

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Fond of letting some fresh air into your VW Jetta, but less fond of the noise and vibrations that come with rolling windows down at speed? A Rear Door Deflector for Volkswagen Jetta reduces wind noise and lets you enjoy fresh air comfortably, even while driving about town. You can even crack the windows during a Seattle downpour and let the scent of the rain in — while keeping the moisture out.

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How does a Volkswagen Jetta Rear Door Deflector Reduce Wind Noise?

If you ever rolled a single window down while driving at highway speeds, you’re familiar with the shaking and noise caused by wind turbulence. These Rear Door Deflectors disrupt airflow as it passes over your windows, preventing turbulence and eliminating wind noise. Their durable Plexiglas® construction is built to last, and no tools are required for installation. They also provide a degree of protection from flying debris and pebbles that could chip your window.

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How do I Order Rear Door Deflectors for my VW Jetta?

Purchase your Rear Door Deflectors and browse our entire collection of VW accessories at our dealership location in Seattle. We’re located at 5202 Leary Avenue Northwest, Seattle, WA 98107. You can also browse our online parts store and have the accessories you need delivered straight to your door. Have questions? Feel free to give us a call — our knowledgeable sales staff can help you find the Volkswagen-certified parts and accessories you need.

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At Carter Volkswagen in Ballard, customer service is how we set ourselves apart. Serving the Seattle and Bellevue area, our friendly, professional team of sales associates, service technicians and customer service experts will take care of your Volkswagen so it can continue to care for you. We take pride in the German engineering excellence of Volkswagen cars, SUVs and wagons. For VW parts and accessories, trust the experts at Carter Volkswagen in Ballard.

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