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Protect and Organize with Volkswagen Jetta Cargo Blocks from Carter Volkswagen in Ballard

Get cargo blocks for your Jetta model at Carter Volkswagen in Ballard

Unsecured boxes, bags and suitcases can slide around the trunk of your vehicle, spilling their contents and even damaging your cargo. These ingenious cargo blocks from Volkswagen can be adjusted to fit the size of whatever you’re carrying, keeping your cargo neat and tidy. The blocks instantly secure themselves to the special cargo liner, and install or change configuration with ease — no more spills, no more sliding and no more loose items rattling around in the trunk as you drive.

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How do Volkswagen Jetta Cargo Blocks Help me Organize my Trunk?

Other solutions like trunk dividers and cargo nets are helpful, but they aren’t as flexible as Cargo Blocks for your Volkswagen Jetta. Trunk dividers and cargo organizers have fixed-size compartments. Cargo nets do a better job corralling loose, lightweight items, but won’t be able to keep big, heavy objects in place. By contrast, VW Jetta Cargo Blocks are totally flexible and can be configured to fit whatever you’re carrying that day. Changing the placement of these blocks is a snap thanks to the velcro-like cargo liner and lightweight yet sturdy blocks.

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How do I Order Cargo Blocks for my Volkswagen Jetta?

Purchase your Volkswagen Jetta Cargo Blocks and browse our entire collection of VW accessories at our dealership location in Seattle. We’re located at 5202 Leary Avenue Northwest, Seattle, WA 98107. You can also browse our online parts store and have the accessories you need delivered straight to your door. Have questions? Feel free to give us a call — our knowledgeable sales staff can help you find the Volkswagen-certified parts and accessories you need.

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At Carter Volkswagen in Ballard, customer service is how we set ourselves apart. Serving the Seattle and Bellevue area, our friendly, professional team of sales associates, service technicians and customer service experts will take care of your Volkswagen so it can continue to care for you. We take pride in the German engineering excellence of Volkswagen cars, SUVs and wagons. For VW parts and accessories, trust the experts at Carter Volkswagen in Ballard.

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